वेदे सञ्जातखेदे मुनिजनवचने प्राप्तनित्यावमाने
संकीर्णे सर्ववर्णे सति तदनुगुणे निष्प्रमाणे पुराणे ।
मायावादे समोदे कलिकलुषवशाच्छून्यवादे विवादे
धर्मत्राणाय योऽभूत्स जयतु भगवान् विष्णुघण्टावतारः॥

Vedanta Desika (1268–1370) was a Sri Vaishnava guru and one of the most brilliant stalwarts of Sri Vaishnavism in the post-Ramanuja period. He was a poet, devotee, philosopher and master-teacher. He was the disciple of Kidambi Appullar, also known as Aathreya Ramanujachariar, who himself was of a master-disciple lineage that began with Ramanuja. Swami Vedanta Desika is considered to be avatar (incarnation) of the divine bell of Venkateswara of Tirumalai by the Vadakalai sect of Sri Vaishavites.

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Rahu and Ketu – Predictive Rules



Sage Parashara solves the mind-boggling puzzle of Rahu & Ketu in two verses. All students must keep them in mind.

(i) The nodes give predominantly the effects as due to their conjunction with a house-lord or as due to the house they occupy, or
(ii) If a node in an angle in aspect to or association with a trinal lord or be in a trine in similar relation with an angular lord, it will become Yogakaraka.

BPHS (34.13-14), Prof. R.Santhanam, Vol I, Pg 346